Haulotte telehandlers: stability first!

Haulotte telehandler

Haulotte’s wide range of HTL - compact, high lift and heavy load ranges - is much appreciated on construction sites because of their outstanding productivity and safety. Indeed, Haulotte telehandlers embedded several technologies enabling the operator to focus on lifting operations in complete safety.


Haulotte HTL ensure utmost stability

Haulotte LMI (Load Moment Indicator) gives in real-time information about the HTL longitudinal stability conditions. It continuously informs the driver about the position of the load thanks to a load chart and includes an automatic cut off when operating with a tilting risk. If the indicator turns red, the user must modify its load position. In the case of dysfunction, the LMI system can be quickly recalibrated.

Lateral stability is also a big issue when lifting and driving with suspended loads. Telehandlers must always be driven with the boom lowered to ensure that the load remains close to the machine. As a load is lifted, the center of gravity of the whole machine rises, sometimes resulting in potential instability and a risk of overturning. On all HTL models (except compact range), the rear locking axle system maintains the gravity center in a large stable zone, thus preventing the HTL to tip over.

Finally, Haulotte telehandlers are equipped with front stabilizers to strengthen lifting capacity. Once lowered, the stabilizers considerably increase the stability of the machine and allow the operator to benefit from the HTL full potential.

Source: Haulotte Group

Haulotte telehandlers

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