Optimum 8: never stop working


Agile and versatile, OPTIMUM 8 is designed to provide the best driving and lifting experience, both inside and outside. This electric scissor lift requires almost no intervention; its extreme robustness ensures an optimized total cost of ownership.

Rapid & compact

With a maximum forward speed of 4,5 km/h and a load capacity of 230 kg, OPTIMUM 8 ensures optimal productivity. The large platform workspace benefits from a 0,86 m roll-out platform extension. Thanks to smooth elevating and driving functions, this scissor lift increases operators’ comfort and confidence. OPTIMUM 8 is equipped with an automatic protection system against potholes so that it can get over numerous obstacles. It can also easily cross slopes up to a 25% incline. This scissor lift covers worksites indoors with a 2-person capacity thanks to non-marking tires and quiet electric, zero-emissions operation. It is also suited for various applications outdoors, in winds up to 45 km/h. Thanks to its asynchronous AC motors, OPTIMUM 8 makes precise movements possible especially in difficult places, while ensuring the safety of its operators. With 2 rear driving wheels and a narrow turning radius (1,5 m), the operator can maneuver in the most restricted spaces. Compact, it gets in and out of the most confined areas, even going through standard doors without losing time with folding guardrails. For maximum flexibility, OPTIMUM 8 can be lifted during transport phases thanks to forklift tine pockets integrated into the chassis.

OPTIMUM 8 scissor lift

Designed to last

A counterweight positioned in the back of the chassis acts as a shock-absorber. Robust, it includes non-skid steps to allow a safe entry in the platform, as well as a storage area for charger plugs and optional electrical plugs. Pins, screws, and bolts have been specially treated to ensure optimum resistance to corrosion. By reducing the number of hoses cut and cylinders, OPTIMUM 8 reduces the likelihood of hydraulic oil leaks. Waterproof connectors protect electrical circuits from humidity, corrosion, and resulting breakdowns.

Haulotte OPTIMUM 8

Quick & reduced maintenance

OPTIMUM 8 is equipped with the Haulotte Activ’Screen diagnostic device. Easy to use, it helps technicians to manage daily machine maintenance, adjust the parameters and perform diagnosis. The battery level indicator is located on the upper console and is always under control. Renowned for their reliability, asynchronous motors require no regular maintenance since there are no carbon brushes to be replaced. OPTIMUM 8 is equipped with two swing-out trays for quick and easy maintenance. In order to optimize downtime costs, all major maintenance and control points are directly accessible.

Source: Haulotte Group

Optimum 8
Scissor lift

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