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CMC S23 platform

For over 20 years, CMC has been making aerial platforms, building up an international reputation based on the quality of its products and the efficiency of its organization. Its strengths include its ability to come up with innovations that meet users’ actual needs and its customer-centred approach at all times, both with regard to technical assistance and after-sales service.

CMC was founded in 1998 at the initiative of two dynamic entrepreneurs, Carlo Mastrogiacomo and Michele Moretti, who, drawing on their long experience and knowledge of the field, decided to manufacture products with an excellent price/quality ratio which would best meet the needs of users.

Over the years, such in-depth knowledge of the market led the company to experiment with new solutions and to fine-tune its products through the use of ever more advanced technology.

This led to the launch, in 2007, of the first self-propelled tracked lift, the SUP Elephant 12, a product that was strikingly innovative for its times, but that over the years achieved growing success both in Italy and elsewhere for its exceptional versatility of use in the most diverse of sectors. Given its potential, CMC decided to develop a full range of self-propelled tracked lifts alongside its classic truck-mounted platforms. It proved to be a winning approach, leading the company to quickly increase its turnover (reaching 20 million euros in 2018) and to step up its design and production capacity.

To meet the growing demands of the market, in 2016 CMC moved its headquarters to a new location in Bari’s Industrial Zone. Here and in the other two production facilities specializing in carpentry and paintwork, over 100 staff (average age 37) carry out their work with passion and determination, fulfilling orders whose numbers are expected to grow even further in the coming years.

The CMC production line is complex and divided into several phases. Before being assembled, each component is individually tested to make sure it meets quality standards. The utmost care is taken over assembly with high-performance components, while the paintwork process involves 14 operations to protect the structure against wear and tear and from atmospheric corrosion. To ensure maximum safety, each platform is assembled with the finest-quality components and each model undergoes strain gauge testing and structural analyses that ensure perfect resistance for thousands of work cycles.

All CMC production processes comply with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification. CMC products are also built to Australia’s AS 1418 standards and have been awarded TÜV certification for the American and Canadian markets.

CMC platforms can be found at work every day in countries on all five continents: United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, India, Italy, Kuwait, Lithuania, Martinique, Holland, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Thailand, Tunisia, Taiwan, USA. The company’s next goal is to consolidate and strengthen its presence on its current markets, particularly within Europe.

Rather than being an end goal, CMC’s success so far reflects the effectiveness of its efforts and the quality of the choices it has made. It is an incentive to pursue excellence at every stage of the work cycle. Beginning with research & development which, for a company that has built its competitive advantage on innovation, take on strategic importance and enables it to provide the market with ever more efficient products.


The CMC S23 platform: a true leader in its class

Compact and lightweight, CMC’s latest addition to its product range is a top performer, set to become one of the leading sellers. The geometric platform with double pantograph, articulated boom and jib, has an operating height of no less than 23 m and an outreach of 12.4 meters, without limitations even in maximum load conditions; together with its “door-friendly” size and three different stabilization areas, S23 is the ideal tool for various types of application, both indoor and outdoor.

Built with high-quality steels and strengthened through an in-depth study of the design, the S23 platform is solid and resistant even though it weighs just 3000 kg. Its lightweight is crucial, making it particularly simple to transport. Indeed, S23 is towable on a simple trailer, which solves once and for all the problems of getting the platform to the job site. Maximum safety is ensured by the Self Control System - SCS, the electronic system that automatically self-levels, controls speed and recloses the aerial part of the platform, preventing incorrect maneuvers from causing damage to the vehicle or to the operator.

Maneuverability can be even further improved by using a simple and intuitive remote control, which is safely stored away in its own cover-box when it is not in use. As well as the standard petrol Honda GX390 engine, other versions are available with a Kubota Z602 diesel engine, a hybrid Honda/Kubota engine + lithium batteries as well as electric versions with 220V and 110V engines.

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